Contentment or Delight?

A Day at the Beach (2015)

Trust in the LORD and do good,

that you may dwell in the land and be fed in security.

Take delight in the LORD,

and he will grant you your heart’s requests. (Psalm 37:3-4)

The author of Psalm 37 seems to be saying that there is some give and take in our relationship with God. We ask God to give us safe dwellings and the food we need to live. Not only that, we ask God to grant our “heart’s requests”. Requests, in the plural. What is our part in this exchange? We are to “trust in the LORD and do good.” Not just rest in our belief that we will receive what we need, but take action, that is, go about doing good. Moreover, we are to “take delight in the LORD,” not just be content or satisfied, but take great pleasure, be joyful, and filled with glee.

Most days, it is enough for me to be content. I am pleased with the way things are going in my life. I ask God to continue with blessings that I am already receiving or feel fairly confident that I will. And I’m grateful.

But, what if I were to ask God to grant me my heart’s requests — something big and improbable? Do I trust enough in a divine plan of goodness for me? What if I were to move beyond being satisfied to taking great pleasure? What if I were more focused on doing good, putting others’ needs before my own? How would my life be different? My sister always reminds me that we serve a “big God.” May I spend today truly believing that.

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