Passing Storm

Passing Storm (2015)

We can learn a lot from watching the sky. This morning, I watched a thunderstorm form and pass by. In about an hour, the sky grew dark; thunder rumbled in the distance; and, the wind picked up, rustling the lily pads in the marsh. Then, a clap of thunder, a flash of lightning, and the rain. For about 60 seconds as the black clouds moved from north to south, the sun’s rays broke through the clouds. I didn’t have time to go for my “big girl” camera, but I had my cell phone at hand. Within the next half-hour, the rain stopped and the sky cleared.

I am sure you can see in these images, a metaphor for life’s storms, and the fact that storms are passing events. In describing the details of this passing storm this morning, three ideas occurred to me: 1) we sometimes see storms as they are forming, yet are powerless to stop them; 2) in the midst of a moving storm, we often see glimpses of God and find reassurance that the sun is always there; and 3) we need to be ready if we are to receive these images and blessings. Sometimes it is enough to receive the image, that is, to be aware of the experience and think about it; at other times, we are compelled to record the image, for example, to make a photograph, as a reminder during the next storm.


4 thoughts on “Passing Storm

  1. We all have “storms in our life. Some are really bad and frightful storms others not as bad. My prayer group did a “day” retreat on ” When did we really feel God in our lives”? I have to say as I reflected on the past and some really hard times in my life God was there. I just totally didn’t realize when I was going through it. When I look back and see how my life path has turned out I thank God for being with me through my storms and getting me through. I trust He will always be there for me more then ever. Thank you. I do want to find a picture to remind me of the storms.


    1. Jane, thank you for your insight and prayer. I am reminded of a quote of Soren Kierkegaard, a 19th-century Danish philosopher: “Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” I hope that with your picture to remind you of “storms,” you will add a second image that shows the sun shining through!


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