Moving Beyond One’s Comfort Zone

Bird-of-Paradise (2015)

It seems to me that as I get older, my comfort zone shrinks. I am very comfortable on my lanai — a space just large enough for two rocking chairs, a lamp table, and a few plants. I do leave the lanai, of course, to go to my part-time job at church. I used to travel quite a bit internationally, yet now I am content with less frequent travel, and to countries where I have already traveled. I enjoy the friends I have made over the years, and sometimes feel that it would take great effort to make new friends.

There are times, however, when I am able to push the limits of my “comfort zone.” Creating and writing a blog is perhaps the best example! New experiences require a willingness to take risks and an acceptance of unexpected results. In this first week of this blog, I have received so many votes of confidence from family and friends that I am encouraged to continue.

Bird-of-Paradise Close-Up (2004)

A second example of my trying the “uncomfortable” is my new adventure with painting. Years ago, I thought I might like to paint, but doubted that I could put on paper or canvas what I was seeing. I looked to photography instead. For years, I have been photographing birds-of-paradise, perhaps my favorite flower. I saw them first in California, and now am surrounded by them here in Florida. A few weeks ago, I joined a painting class (acrylics) at my church. Our artist instructor asked us simply to start painting! I knew nothing about brushes, colors, mixing acrylic paints — anything beyond elements of good composition that I learned in photography. It was a bit scary “jumping into the pool at the deep end.” What I discovered is that I enjoy painting much more than I thought I would. Sometimes, moving beyond one’s comfort zone has unexpected and pleasant results! My third painting is of a bird-of-paradise — copied from one of my own photographs.

Painting of a Bird-of-Paradise (2015)


7 thoughts on “Moving Beyond One’s Comfort Zone

  1. I am so proud of you, Doris! Your bird of paradise is amazingly well done. My mother was an incredibly talented artist, who not-infrequently painted from her own photos just like you’ve done. — I look forward to following your future artistic endeavors 🙂


    1. Thank you, Susan. You often spoke of your artist Mom. I remember admiring her series of annual Christmas cards. This painting business is trying to teach me patience . . . slow learner, I’m afraid.


  2. I find it true one must move on and find their comfort zone when experiencing a loss. During the last 3 years I have seen 8 friends & relatives pass onto eternity. To compensate for their loss I have found it is necessary to initiate a friendship rather than wait for another person to do so. Sometimes it is not comfortable to make that phone call or write a note but I have found it produces more positive than negative responses. In Michigan joining the YMCA has given me new contacts.


    1. Mary B, thank you for your comment. You are very courageous about initiating contacts and reaching out when you are experiencing so many losses yourself. I always intend to send cards and write notes but do not take the time. Thank you for the inspiration and motivation to follow your example.


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