First Day of Summer

There is something exhilarating about the first day of summer! I think it’s all that light at the beginning and end of the day. I live in Florida now, where we enjoy summer weather for more than half of the year, yet the first day of summer still signals a transition to more relaxing days. … More First Day of Summer

My Dad’s Stories

I have been thinking a lot about my Dad in the past month. Just before Memorial Day, my sister asked me what I know about our father’s service record and the medals he was awarded for his valor during World War II. I know that information only because I now have the medals and his … More My Dad’s Stories

Big Mistake!

Apologies! The photographs have disappeared! To add images to a post, the photographs are posted and stored in a media library. I have been blogging for nearly a year now and I thought I would “clean up” the media library. When I deleted (all) the images from the library, they were deleted from the posts … More Big Mistake!