Best of 2016

In the past week, newspapers, television magazines, entertainment shows, and other media outlets have been reviewing the events of 2016 — the good, the bad, and the ugly. The home page for MIT is highlighting the “best” research of the past year. In that same vein, I would like to share my “Best of 2016”.

Best Book of Reflections

Ostriches, Dung Beetles, and Other Spiritual Masters: A Book of Wisdom from the Wild by Janet McLaughlin, MM (Orbis Books, 2009)

Best Memoir

The Light of the World: A Memoir by Elizabeth Alexander (Grand Central Publishing, 2015)

Best Fiction

The Same Sky by Amanda Eyre Ward (Ballantine Books, 2015)

Best Film

The Man Who Knew Infinity

Best PBS Series


Best Photo

Sunset over San Carlos Bay (2016)

Best Posts on this Blog

What Travel Has Taught Me — March 3

Dreams — September 24

Easter Joy: The Gift of Laughter — March 28


Q. Were any of these books, films, PBS series, or blog posts among your favorites in 2016?

Q. How would you describe what was best for you in 2016?

I wish you a very Happy New Year. My wish for myself is to return to my practice of weekly posts on this blog.




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