I Feel Like Quitting

At the Ice Cream Shop (2017)

Those of you who read this blog regularly may have noticed that it has been more than three weeks since my last post. I am well and probably no busier than usual. It’s just that I don’t seem to have much to say. I am questioning why I started writing this blog in the first place and how much longer I want to continue. “I feel like quitting.”

We are now into the eighth month of Adult Faith Development programs at my church. While I am grateful for the enthusiastic response to our programs, I am questioning my own energy and enthusiasm to continue until our summer hiatus. Some days “I feel like quitting.”

This year I made only one Lenten resolution – to write and send one note or card each of the 40 days of Lent. I started on Ash Wednesday with great enthusiasm, but now it is difficult to find something to say. I’m so far behind that “I feel like quitting.”

Those of you who know me well might be thinking that this is not a new theme for me! Right about this time of year, for most years, I feel overwhelmed and question what I’m doing, and wonder if I have the energy and interest in continuing. I often feel I have little left to give to whatever I’m doing at the time.

The Judean Wilderness (2007)

A few days ago, one of the bloggers whom I follow posted one of her images of a desert. It reminded me of one of my own images of a desert in the Holy Land. As I recalled this desert experience, it occurred to me that my feelings of aridity and emptiness and “wanting to quit” may be connected to Lent. “I feel like quitting” Lent. I yearn for Lent to be over. I yearn for the new life of Easter and springtime.

Maybe this Lenten season I am not meant to DO anything – even keep my one resolution – but instead to stay quietly in the desert. Maybe I need to accept the fact that I cannot give what I do not possess. Maybe I need to wait by a well for Someone to draw water to refresh me. Psalm 23 reminds me, “Beside restful waters he heals me; he refreshes my soul.” (v. 2-3a) Maybe I don’t need to quit, I just need a nap!

6 thoughts on “I Feel Like Quitting

  1. Oh dear Doris, take a nap! OMG. You’re so not alone. Love your writings, you write what so many think and feel. It’s good to know that others feel the same way as I do, as you do.

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    1. Thank you, Sweet Linda, for your reply. You know that I will be “napping” and not “quitting”! Starting today, as a matter of fact. 🙂


  2. Sometimes I feel like quitting ccd teaching. I don’t because I am doing it for God and if one kid gets it its one more soul closer to Jesus. I think this time of yr gets to people, they feel a little depressed. It’s starting to feel like spring and that wakes me up like the flowers and the birds. I love lent because of the glorious feelings I get going thru Holy Thursday and Good Friday and so happy on Easter Sunday. If you quit that then what else can you do for God? You probably need a change, but I don’t think you would be happy doing nothing. Grace be with you love Elaine


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    1. Thank you, Elaine, for your always encouraging words. Your question is a good one: If I’m not doing this, what would I be doing? We have the advantage here in that it is already springtime and the trees and flowers are blooming. With care, Doris


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