Another Artist Date

Another artist date yesterday afternoon! This time just one hour of walking, strolling really, through some of my favorite gardens. The sun was still high in the sky, but the thick trees and tall bushes diffused the light. There was an orchid exhibit in the conservatory, but I kept that for last because I wanted … More Another Artist Date

Light and Faith

Last Saturday, I enjoyed a soul-satisfying artist date. Two factors conspired to make that happen: 1) a few days earlier, my doctor “reprimanded” me for not giving time and effort to exercise, in my case, walking; and 2) this month’s photography class assignment requires that I see the world at different times of the day. … More Light and Faith


Next weekend I will celebrate 9 years of living in Florida – 7½ years on this lanai. This is now my record for living in one place since I left my childhood home! Today I am finally back on the lanai in the early morning after a long hot summer. So many blessings for which … More Generosity