Hurricanes and Evacuations


Sunrise Today at 7:10 AM

Sunrise all week has been brilliant. But you have to be awake and alert. The colors last only a minute or two. Enough time, though, to elicit prayers of praise and gratitude.

This morning, we are alert, too, to the approaching Hurricane Florence. After Hurricane Irma a year ago, I can begin to understand more personally the situation of those who are faced with the decision and preparations to leave their homes. I have sent notes to friends in the Low Country of the Carolinas, saying that I am praying for their safety.

I’m not entirely sure what it means to pray before, during, or after a hurricane. What is it that I want God to do? I don’t know the right words. I can only express my concerns and need at this time.

Sunrise Today at 7:17 AM

For people facing the decision to leave their homes, most of whom will return to their homes in a few weeks, but not all

For those who do not have the resources or ability to escape harm’s way or rebuild their homes

For the grace to recognize our own responsibility for extreme weather events, e.g., climate change, rising sea levels, increased temperature of the seas

For honesty and humility in the face of our own powerlessness

For willingness to do what we can to help those affected by the hurricane

For the courage to rebuild without boasting of our meager achievements, particularly at the national level

For refugees all over the world who are forced to flee their homes because of natural disasters, war, or persecution

God of Wisdom, help us to discern right action and give us the courage to move toward healing, peace, and justice.

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