The silence of the landscape allowed the desert mothers to hear the silence of God, the silence from which all creation is spoken into being. (Mary C. Earle, Episcopal priest)    

Tithing Our Time

What all of us are able to offer God is time: time for prayer, time for spiritual reading, time to reflect, time to listen to others, and time to help them. Perhaps we should think of tithing our time. (Michael Casey, OSCO, Cistercian monk from Tarrawarra Abbey)  


We are to realize the whole we are part of and to love the whole; to find a conscious voice of praise and glory to God in the whole; and to participate in this unfolding reign of God. (Ilia Delio, OSF, American theologian)  


Quantum physics is teaching us that everything that exists is interconnected and affects everything else that exists. Reality, by its very nature, is interconnectedness. (Heidi Ann Russell, Professor of Religious Studies)