2 thoughts on “Gardens and Boats

  1. What a pleasant surprise. I don’tunderstand what the lower picture is about. Great news Dave received approval from SS disability. He will not have to work . In the future he can get off it and work if his heath stays good. He has different ailments. He had 4 new arteries in his heart 12 yrs ago, one bad eye, a foot that need constant watching for new sores high BP, sugar diabetes does a bad number on a person. Please continue to blog with thoughts from you. God has come thru for us all the way. His wound is just about perfect. He sent us people like you with prayers,food,money and we got thru fine. I will pay it forward however I can. Right now we are helping our grandson from Florida to get a start in the right direction. He is living with us. He is 25 but was homeless because he did not make enough at Publix to have an apt. Right now he isworking at 6 Flags and trying to get something better in the future. So, all is well for now. I hope and pray all stays well for you and all your love ones. Love E💗💕

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    1. Thank you, Elaine, for your encouragement. It may take me a while to get back to the habit of writing again. I’m starting with images and quotations to warm up to my own words.

      Thank you for sharing all your news about your family. I am happy to know that things are looking brighter for all of you. Count on my continued healing thoughts and prayers for all of you.


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