A Peaceful Fourth of July

Poinciana Tree (2019)

I will hear what God proclaims:

The Lord – for he proclaims peace. (Psalm 85:9)

Tanks on the Mall in Washington, DC! Celebrating military might on the day the United States of America became one nation among nations under God! The images are disturbing. I fully support the women and men who serve our nation in the military and as first responders. Women and men – not instruments of war! Where is our homage to peacemaking and peacekeeping?

I find some comfort in today’s psalm (85) and in the first reading from Paul’s letter to the Philippians:

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. (Phil. 4:6)

As we celebrate the anniversary of our nation’s birth day, I am singing once again my favorite patriotic hymn: “This is My Song”.

This is My Song is a 1934 hymn written by Lloyd Stone (1912-1993) using the Finlandia Hymn melody composed by Jean Sibelius (1865-1957). It often appears in hymnals with substituted and additional verses by various composers, including Georgia Harkness (1891-1974). It is sometimes called A Song of Peace, which is taken from the second line of the song.

This is my song, O God of all the nations,
A song of peace for lands afar and mine.
This is my home, the country where my heart is;
Here are my hopes, my dreams, my sacred shrine.
But other hearts in other lands are beating,
With hopes and dreams as true and high as mine.

My country’s skies are bluer than the ocean,
And sunlight beams on cloverleaf and pine.
But other lands have sunlight too, and clover,
And skies are everywhere as blue as mine.
O hear my song, O God of all the nations,
A song of peace for their land and for mine.

For an uplifting and inspirational performance of This Is My Song, go to


May we before all else be instruments of peace.

Other land have sunlight, too (2019)

Happy Peaceful 4th of July!

2 thoughts on “A Peaceful Fourth of July

  1. Thank you, Doris. I have ventured into the land of Blog. It is more appealing since I have met the blogger. It is interesting that you found your 10 year old self to be the subject of self study. I knew, some years ago, that my 10 year old self was probably the most free I have ever been. It is a time I like to reflectively revisit hoping I o find those parts I can retrieve and bring forward… I shall come back to your blog for more insightful nuggets you have found in your life and generously share.

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