Sanibel Retreat 2019 — Day Five

Royal Palms (2019)


Loud cracks of thunder woke me about 3 am. I didn’t see lightning, but I could hear the rain.  I stayed in bed, but didn’t go back to sleep. So, by 6 am, I was packed and ready to go home! I waited until about 8 am before actually leaving. It’s an easy two-hour drive from here to home – one of the reasons I can return to Sanibel Island so often, and without having to plan months ahead.


Thinking about my time here, what behaviors and attitudes do I want to take home with me?


  1. Go to the pool and beach as often as possible, even if it’s just to water-walk.
  2. Carry only a towel and swim gear to Siesta Key, swim, then return home for shade.
  3. Sit and read in the cool house for large blocks of time – without guilt, and without feeling that I should be doing something “more productive.”
  4. Eat simpler and healthier meals, and don’t obsess about weight gain.
  5. Saunter with my camera at least once a week.

Sanibel Island in Sarasota – I can do this!

Sunset Over San Carlos Bay (2019)

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