Questions for Reflection at Mid-Lent

The Cloisters, New York

I don’t know about you, but this Lent is not at all what I thought it would be. What I thought would be “big” practices and sacrifices, turned out to be very small compared with what is now being asked of all of us. As we are now past the midpoint of Lent, I thought I would review a few reflections since Ash Wednesday. I want to share with you the questions I have been considering in the past four weeks. Some questions arise out of my own reflections on the daily Scripture readings, but most are inspired by others’ reflections. Many of you will recognize the questions posed by Michelle Francl-Donnay (Not By Bread Alone 2020), some by the contributors to Give Us this Day (Liturgical Press), and still others from the daily posts on the Ignatian Solidarity Network.

I invite you to reflect on the questions that are most meaningful to you during this Lenten Season. I invite you, also, to share your reflections, either on this site or in an email to me or others in your faith community.

First Week of Lent

  • Can I fall into Lent, unsure how I will emerge, other than with arms outstretched?
  • What aspects of my life am I willing to abandon entirely to God’s grace?
  • How am I working within the created world to return it to God?
  • What attractive propositions distract and sway me off track from God’s call in my life?
  • What in my heart do I sense God’s word pushing open today?
  • What is my role in asking forgiveness for the trespasses in my country’s policies?

Second Week of Lent

  • What one small manageable step can I take today? What are the next small steps?
  • How do I see the ways in which God has blessed me spilling over and reaching out to the larger community in which I live?
  • How have I shared God’s boundless mercy with others?
  • In what situations do I find it most difficult to see what God desires?
  • What keeps me from desiring God always and in everything?
  • Can I see myself not as the source of mercy but as its conduit? 



    Third Week of Lent

    • Who are the marginalized in my life who are further marginalized because of COVID-19?
    • How do others see and hear God through me?
    • What will I do with this gift of solitude for which I prayed?
    • How do I live my faith in community now that there is no community?
    • What invitation will I extend or respond to in order to show my love for God today?

    Fourth Week of Lent

    • What am I willing to risk to keep the light of the Gospel alight?
    • How can we keep connected throughout the current crisis and beyond?
    • What waters am I being invited to wade into with God?


    2 thoughts on “Questions for Reflection at Mid-Lent

    1. Doris,thank you for the action you are taking as we pray for a speedy return to normal life.the only message I received was from Darwin for the homebound.please let me know how to get on the contact list.
      I have. Some things here from Yvonne Hartman for you and fr.fred and fr.richard.
      I got a call from Yvonne yesterday. They are back in Canada.
      Thanks for all. Judy Klein
      P.s. I’m no good on internet.better I the phone!!!!!!

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