Garden of the Mind – Dali

Marie Selby Gardens in Sarasota, Florida is featuring an exhibit called, “Salvador Dali — Garden of the Mind”. Whimsical sculptures reminiscent of Dali’s paintings are incorporated into the native Florida trees and flowers. With the recent rain, the gardens are lush and colorful. In mid-morning, there was lots of shade, and not too many people.

If you live in the area, the Dali display remains until the end of June. If not, I hope you will enjoy my impressions of the gardens.


2 thoughts on “Garden of the Mind – Dali

  1. That is fabulous! What a treat! I used to like to go to the Dali museum in St Pete when I would go to the Tampa/SP area on business years ago. I did not go often, but I did go a couple of times and loved it. This is probably 20 years ago!

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  2. Fran, you owe yourself a treat to see the new Dali Museum in St. Pete, which opened in 2011. Fabulous building, in addition to the wonderful and strange paintings!


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