Balance in Life

My calendar page for August 2020: Pressure on Jesus was relentless, but he still stepped aside for rest and prayer. He was careful to carve out time for the things that provided balance in life. He was not willing to sacrifice a full life for the sake of a crowded calendar. (Eric Hollar, Senior Pastor, … More Balance in Life

Sugar Maples

I grew up in New England where each spring the maple trees dripped sap to be made into that clear, brown, sweet treat that we poured over ice cream and pancakes. At least once a year, Mom would take us to a maple sugar house to watch the process of making maple syrup and to … More Sugar Maples

Contemporary African American Women Theologians (Part 2 of 2)

This post continues yesterday’s post. I would recommend you read that one first to get the context for this one. Note. In yesterday’s post, I made an incorrect assumption in calling all these theologians womanists. I do not know if they identify their work as womanist approaches. Nor am I sure that this term is … More Contemporary African American Women Theologians (Part 2 of 2)