Thanksgiving 2020

I am grateful that my family in Florida and Montana are all well. We celebrated Thanksgiving in our respective homes yesterday, and will Zoom together this evening for a virtual Thanksgiving. I texted these images to them throughout the day yesterday. In addition to family and friends, here are a few reasons for which I am grateful this year.

6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2020

  1. Love the way you stay connected. I had a good day as well, messages from my daughter, long conversations w/a couple of friends, and, a darn good Thanksgiving dinner all by myself! Happy days Doris.



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    1. Glad you enjoyed a good day, focused on blessings. Happy Day After Thanksgiving. WordPress changed its platform and I’m finding it harder to post to this blog. Thanks for your comment.


  2. Good morning Doris, I got together with my family yesterday with zoom. It was lots of fun. Only John wasn’t able to attend but we did do Thanksgiving dinner together in the middle of the afternoon sy SYC at an outside table. He can now come out but I cannot go in😜. We are not going to try to get together Christmas either, hopefully spring break. We need to get together for lunch or brunch again. Hugs, Mary Beth

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    1. I had not even heard the word “Zoom” as of February 2020. Now, how would we survive without it??? Glad you had a chance to connect with family. I’m so sorry about what’s happening with John because of COVID-19. WordPress has a new platform and it takes me twice as long to post to this blog! But, I hope to keep practicing!


  3. You know how to enjoy yourself by yourself. We had a delicious meal at my grandsons Keven. Your calender is beautiful, what a photographer you are. Your neices and nehew are so sweet and boy are they growing fast. Im so grateful all are well. You are a shining star in my life. That feb. course. Is it something I could listen to or read about? I love earth and animals. God bless. love E


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  4. Thank you for your note. I’m glad you enjoyed a good Thanksgiving. Thank you for the feedback on this blog and on the calendar. Your encouragement is much appreciated. Let me think about the course. The Zoom sessions will be recorded, but will be available to registered AMC students only. Let me think about readings and videos that I can recommend.


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