My Charm Bracelet Memories

Last night, I watched Hallmark’s “A Little Christmas Charm” about the search for the owner of a charm bracelet. The charms on the bracelet had been added one a year for 10 years. The woman who found the bracelet assumed that it meant a lot to the woman who had lost it, and used the charms as clues to the woman’s identity.

The movie led me to think about my own charm bracelet and what it might say about my life. I found the bracelet in the back of a jewelry drawer and polished it up. Unlike the story in the movie, my 18 charms were collected during a two-year period — my last two years of high school. They are not attached to the bracelet in any particular order. The first charm was the Sweet 16, a gift from my parents for my 16th birthday.

Some of the charms tell a story of who I am. I was born in May (Birthday Angel), took piano lessons for six years (Musical Note), worked as a lifeguard at neighborhood pools (Whistle), and lived in Massachusetts for the first 30 years of my life (Massachusetts Map). The Religious Sister represented my plans to join a religious congregation in the fall following my high-school graduation.

Other charms give a picture of who I was in high school. Among other activities, I served on the yearbook committee (Yearbook), and the class ring committee (Class Ring). I won an award for interpretive reading at a speech festival (Massachusetts Speech Festival). One award I was particularly proud of was being valedictorian of my graduating class (Blue Ribbon 1st).

A few of the charms represent vacations at Hampton Beach and Cape Cod and my love for the beach (Conch Shell, Lobster, Seahorse), while others are souvenirs of visits to New York (United Nations Logo, St. Patrick’s Cathedral), and Hyannisport (JFK in a Rocking Chair).

Finally, there are two for which I cannot recall any specific memory. I have no connection to The Telegram. However, the message inside says “Happy Birthday”, so I can only guess that it was a gift. The Hula Girl may have been a gift from my maternal grandmother who did travel to Hawaii, where I have been in the airport only on my way to Japan many years later.

My guess is that many of you who are near to my age have similar charm bracelets with equally amazing stories and memories. I would love to hear some of them.

8 thoughts on “My Charm Bracelet Memories

  1. Hiya Doris!

    Loved your charm bracelet memories/stories. It’s a legacy isn’t it. Don’t have a story in return for you as I didn’t have charm bracelet, however my Mother did and she really did value it. It was always sweet finding her a new charm for her bracelet.

    Let’s make a lunch plan!



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  2. I always enjoy reading your reflections…
    I also never had a charm bracelet so this story is a bit different but similar because at this time of year my favorite collection telling the story of my life gets unwrapped. For the few weeks of Christmas each and every ornament on my tree holds my lifetime in memories: a few ornaments left from my childhood trees that my mother once cherished; my children’s special moments; at least one from every city and/or every country we ever visited and vacation we ever took; ones from the states we moved to and from; gifts from special people in our lives; and a few ornaments now made by my grandchildren. I love sharing the stories behind some that catch the eye of a grandchild or friend. When the time comes, I rewrap each and every one with special care, remembering.

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  3. Thank you, Patricia, for posting your wonderful story! Your descriptions reminded me that I haven’t unwrapped my cherished tree ornaments. I’m enjoying my Nativities, Swedish candles, decorations, and linens, but I did not put up a tree this year. Long story. Today, I just might take out my tree ornaments even if I don’t have a tree. I think I have some in most of the categories you described! Happy Advent! Merry Christmas!


  4. Ok, Doris, I’ll try again. This probably won’t be the Pulitzer- worthy missive yesterday’s comment undoubtedly was that is lost in cyberspace, but I’ll try.🤣🤣🤣 I told you about my 2 bracelets on FB, but in reading your blog, I remembered my mother’s charm bracelet from the 30/40’s. It is silver, and my sister has it. It has beautiful hearts as charms, each one unique, and each one is engraved with the name of the giver. Mom kept it with her “keepsakes,” but occasionally would let us look at everything, and she would tell us what was special about each one. One charm heart is from Dad. Our whole lives, every time Dad got Mom jewelry, it always had a heart in the design. I had not connected the dots until I was writing this, but I think it was the bracelet that inspired his choices. I just wish they were still here so I could ask them about that.😢❤️😢

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  5. Thank you for your persistence in posting your message. What a touching memory. Does your sister share the bracelet with you from time to time? A true “keepsake” to be sure.


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