Acts of God

Acts of God are also tiny, gentle things: a kind word delivered at the right moment; wildflowers blooming in a weedy lot; sunshine after a gray day; hope, even when things seem hopeless. (Alice Camille, religious educator)


Daybreak, which happens over and over again, is one more opportunity to be filled with God’s kindness and to prosper in the work we do. (Vinita Hampton Wright, managing editor, Loyola Press)


Sometimes the troubles that overwhelm us are things that shouldn’t be given so much power. (Mary deTurris Poust, spiritual writer and blogger)

Spiritual Journey

God is not confined to our hopes or limited to our prayers. God can find us on any road, can meet us on any path. And at an hour least expected, God can bring us home. (Pat Kozak, CSJ, religious consultant)


Perhaps the answer God wants to make to our prayers for miracles isn’t “yes” or “no”, but “wait, there is so much more your could want.” (Michelle Francl-Donnay, chemistry professor and spiritual writer)