About This Space


Photography has been a spiritual practice for me for almost forty years – even when I did not recognize it as such. While I have kept a journal of my reflections for more than twenty years, I did not share my writing until five years ago when I started this blog. For some posts, the image comes first and the writing revolves around it. For others, the message is first, and I try to find the most appropriate image to illustrate the reflection. For the most part, the photographs and essays are my creation.

The topics you will find most frequently lie in the areas of science and faith, ecological justice, feminist spirituality, liberation theology, discussions of inspiring books, and occasionally, travel and photography. At times, a reflection will include quotations, Scripture texts, and lyrics to spiritual songs.

The primary audience for this blog consists of women and men who are lifelong learners wanting to move more deeply into faith and to make the most of their life experiences. Some are participants in adult faith programs, some are friends and confidants with whom I have shared a spiritual journey thus far, and some are spiritual writers whose blogs I follow. Secondarily, this blog is for book lovers and photographers who find links to specific posts.

Visitors to this site are always welcome. There may well be a few unanticipated audiences for whom this blog is meaningful.