About Me


I am currently the director of adult faith development programs for my church in Osprey, Florida. I lead programs primarily in the intersection of science and faith, ecological spirituality, feminist spirituality, and liberation theology, as well as, contemplative photography and book club. I also lead women’s retreats.

My prior university teaching began in teacher education, then, continued in engineering education at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. From 2000 to 2013, I consulted with universities in more than 25 countries, concentrating on universities in Latin America. I gave workshops on curriculum design, the improvement of teaching and learning, and assessment and evaluation. In 2019, I am resuming a bit of this consulting.

I love teaching, travel, photography, and books. Writing, for me, is difficult and less enjoyable. Writing Reflections from My Lanai lets me share all my loves with you, and forces me to be disciplined about writing. By the way, now that I live in Florida, the “back porch” is now a lanai!

16 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Yet another adventure! WONDER WOMAN.You know that I love your work i.e.
    what you SEE and share. I will be looking forward to the blog😀


    1. Meg, thank you for your comment. Couldn’t do this without supportive friends like you. I think my next post will be about my “being out of my comfort zone!”


      1. You are going to have a book group? Can you at least share what you are reading ? Love your reflection on the Thunder Storm.


  2. Meg, I will email you the list from which we will choose. We will start with “The Canterbury Sisters” by Kim Wright for the first meeting in September.


  3. Doris: You never fail to amaze me. Your blog is awesome and has become a part of my daily readings and prayer time. I also want to be a part of your upcoming book club.
    Have you read Lineage of Grace by Francine Rivers yet. Just finished it.
    We need to make lunch pland for the beginning of August. I have some things to share.


    1. Joan, thank you for your kind words and ever-present encouragement. I am happy if this blog will help us to stay in touch with each other. I’ll email the book club information to you.


  4. Hi Doris! You are SUCH a talented and wonderful woman. I’m so grateful our lives crossed paths. Thank you for sharing of yourself. Kathy


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