Happy Fourth of July

“The world is shot through with God’s goodness and grandeur, beauty, and love. Notice it, call attention to it, bring it to places where it is missing.” (Mary Stommes, Give Us This Day) Each year I create a calendar with my favorite images of the previous year. In the last couple years, I have attached … More Happy Fourth of July

Thank You, Mothers

Today in the United States, we remember mothers and express our gratitude for their lives and for their influence on our lives. I am remembering and thanking, in a special way, three of my mothers: Anna, Angeline, and Doris Rose. These are a few special memories. Mémère Anna, my paternal grandmother, was always so serious. … More Thank You, Mothers

A Time for Folly

Sometimes, you just need a little folly in your life! With so many reasons of late to be sad, frightened, and worried, it is good to take a break to enjoy the company and laughter of friends. We had such a time this week at the church where I work. When I say folly, I … More A Time for Folly

My Dad’s Stories

I have been thinking a lot about my Dad in the past month. Just before Memorial Day, my sister asked me what I know about our father’s service record and the medals he was awarded for his valor during World War II. I know that information only because I now have the medals and his … More My Dad’s Stories


When I started this blog last July, I expected that I would post photographs and reflections once a week. Fifteen days have passed, and still no post. The repeated postponement is partly that I have been engaged in other activities, but mostly that I don’t seem to have much to say. I have been pondering … More Anticipation