Acts of God

Acts of God are also tiny, gentle things: a kind word delivered at the right moment; wildflowers blooming in a weedy lot; sunshine after a gray day; hope, even when things seem hopeless. (Alice Camille, religious educator)


Daybreak, which happens over and over again, is one more opportunity to be filled with God’s kindness and to prosper in the work we do. (Vinita Hampton Wright, managing editor, Loyola Press)

God’s Creation

God’s creation sings in the ordinary experience of every day, each part of creation a voice in the chorus of worship of our Creator. (Michael Peterson, OSB, musician and chaplain, College of St. Benedict)

Hospitable Love

Understood as creation, the world is not a random accident, not is it valueless matter waiting for us to give it significance. It is, rather, the concrete expression of God’s hospitable love making room for what is not god to be and to flourish. God creates the world as the expression of divine hospitality, and … More Hospitable Love

Ethical Eating

I first learned about Lisa Graham McMinn’s book from Mary E. McGann, whose book I discussed in previous posts. McMinn’s book is To the Table: A Spirituality of Food, Farming, and Community (Brazos Press, 2015). Rather than try to summarize the book – because I recommend that you read it for yourself – I will … More Ethical Eating

Forty Days at Home

Today marks forty days that I have been staying at home. It reminds me that the number 40 is significant in the Bible. It refers to “a very large and indeterminate number”. Noah experienced rain for 40 days and 40 nights; the Israelites wandered in the wilderness for    40 years; Jesus spent 40 days in … More Forty Days at Home


If you develop a strong sense of concern for the well-being of all sentient beings, and in particular all human beings, this will make you happy in the morning, even before coffee. (The Dalai Lama)