Sometimes the troubles that overwhelm us are things that shouldn’t be given so much power. (Mary deTurris Poust, spiritual writer and blogger)

Books with Impact

Recently, a friend in my book club forwarded an article about the impact that specific books had had on the life of the author. The article prompted me to make my own list. I will name only a few from my past because I really want to focus on the book that I just finished. … More Books with Impact

Lamenting and Hoping

MIT’s homepage today features a story and photo of the MIT community welcoming home two undergraduates from the Middle East who had been denied re-entry to the U.S., following the President’s Executive Order to bar anyone from seven specific countries. The students had been visiting family during winter break and were trying to return to … More Lamenting and Hoping


I have been exchanging emails with a good friend who is suffering through a difficult time just now. In her most recent email, she thanked me and said she felt “accompanied.” Her statement touched upon a concept that I learned only in the last few years: accompaniment. Merriam-Webster defines accompaniment as: 1) (music) an instrumental … More Accompaniment

You Are Here

You are here. There is peace and calm and joy here. After this week of losses – A young vibrant woman who succumbed to cancer, A beloved family dog, A parish volunteer who suffered a stroke, The United Sates – And all the distress I feel, You are here. The distress begins to dissipate. Though … More You Are Here

We Mourn

Like so many of you, I am numb over the violent events of the past week. So many thoughts, so many things I would like to say, but alas, no words come. Today, the President of MIT posted a letter on the MIT homepage ( His words give voice to many of my feelings. The … More We Mourn

Passing Storm

We can learn a lot from watching the sky. This morning, I watched a thunderstorm form and pass by. In about an hour, the sky grew dark; thunder rumbled in the distance; and, the wind picked up, rustling the lily pads in the marsh. Then, a clap of thunder, a flash of lightning, and the … More Passing Storm