Spiritual Journey

God is not confined to our hopes or limited to our prayers. God can find us on any road, can meet us on any path. And at an hour least expected, God can bring us home. (Pat Kozak, CSJ, religious consultant)


My calendar page for October 2020: Realistically, we may have good cause to be pessimistic about some things, but pessimism must never degenerate into hopelessness, because hope is simply a nonnegotiable for Christians. (Anthony J. Gittins, CSSp)

Learning to Pivot

I just completed a three-day online conference sponsored by Faith+Lead of Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota. It was an amazing and inspiring interactive learning experience with more than 150 participants, representing churches from across the U.S. and Canada. The theme of the first day was “Learning to Pivot.” Church leaders talked about how they … More Learning to Pivot

God Thirsts

God thirsts for the talents I have, large and small. What I am needs to flow, to be carried to places I cannot imagine, satisfying the thirst of Christ’s Body with the gifts he has given me. (Michelle Francl-Donnay, chemistry professor and spiritual writer)

Small Things

Practice believing in the potential of small things. Small hopes, small dreams, and small efforts are not insignificant. (Macrina Wiederkehr, OSB, The Flowing Grace of Now, 2019)

Unnecessary Baggage

By gate-checking resentment, anger, hurt, and other unnecessary baggage, we move through life in nimble fashion, willing to give ourselves over to God’s plans rather than our own. (Kathy Hendricks, spiritual writer)


I don’t know exactly what a prayer is. But I know how to pay attention . . . (Mary Oliver, The Summer Day)

Extravagant Joy

We are called to give joy extravagantly, even to the point of impracticality. . . We simply offer what we can and are delighted in the new life that grows, even if it is incomplete or imperfect. (Michelle Francl-Donnay, chemistry professor and spiritual writer)

Mission of Love

God engages each of us personally, knows our efforts and failings, laughs and cries with us, and sends us forth to play our unique part in his mission of love. (Carolyn Woo, former CEO of Catholic Relief Services)