Tithing Our Time

What all of us are able to offer God is time: time for prayer, time for spiritual reading, time to reflect, time to listen to others, and time to help them. Perhaps we should think of tithing our time. (Michael Casey, OSCO, Cistercian monk from Tarrawarra Abbey)  

Be a Cowgirl

Today, the Catholic Church honors Mother Joseph of the Sacred Heart. In the “Blessed Among Us” feature in Give Us This Day, Robert Ellsberg tells us that Mother Joseph, born Esther Pariseau in Quebec in 1823, established hospitals, academies, schools for Native American children, and orphanages in an area that encompassed Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, … More Be a Cowgirl

Seeking Wisdom

Yesterday, the Gospel reading was the Parable of the Ten Virgins (Matthew 25:1-13). That story always made me fearful and still does make me uneasy. You may recall the story. Ten virgins – five wise and five foolish – were waiting to greet the bridegroom. We’re not told why but the bridegroom is delayed, in … More Seeking Wisdom


Next weekend I will celebrate 9 years of living in Florida – 7½ years on this lanai. This is now my record for living in one place since I left my childhood home! Today I am finally back on the lanai in the early morning after a long hot summer. So many blessings for which … More Generosity


As I turn my calendar to August, these are the words and image I find. They urge me to think about what summer has brought so far in terms of salubrity. What is it about my days that promotes my own health and wellbeing? Too often, we fill our days with work, obligations, and endless … More Salubrity

Book Club Favorites

We just completed our second year of Book Club at my church. The invitation to join goes out to all parish members, but, not surprisingly, only women have responded so far. We are a group of about 20 women who meet on the second Wednesday of each month from September through May. Participation varies from … More Book Club Favorites