Praying with Confidence

A week ago, I celebrated a significant milestone in my physical and spiritual development. February 6th marked the 20-year anniversary of the surgery to end my first breast cancer episode. (I will celebrate again on April 30th to mark the 10-year anniversary of the surgery to end my second breast cancer episode.) The physical milestones … More Praying with Confidence

A Call to Praise

Mornings are cooler these days. While I am not sitting out on my lanai at 6:30 AM, I am perched in view of the east-facing windows. This morning the sky at sunrise was painted in the softest shades of pink and blue. Mu initial response was to grab a camera. Unfortunately, my phone camera does … More A Call to Praise

My Joy Is Returning

My joy is returning! In one morning, I browsed the shelves of the public library, wandered around a favorite bookstore until I found four books I just had to have, bought local fresh produce at the downtown farmers’ market, “traveled the world” in our local fair-trade craft store, and enjoyed a tall-decaf-skinny-chestnut-praline latte. So many … More My Joy Is Returning


I was first introduced to Joan Chittister’s The Gift of Years: Growing Older Gracefully (BlueBridge, 2008) about seven years ago when I first moved to Florida. I remember enjoying the reflections on aging, yet I realize now that I had read them as descriptions of my mother and other women whom I considered to be … More Dreams

Coming Home

As we near the end of the season for two of the programs that I lead at my church, Photography as a Spiritual Practice and Telling Our Stories: Creating a Spiritual Legacy, the themes for both programs have converged on “Coming Home.” Christine Valters Paintner describes “the practice of coming home” as the last of … More Coming Home

An Ordinary Day

Some people describe their ordinary days as “boring” or not worthy of “being a story.” While I don’t think my days are boring, I grow accustomed to my daily routines and am often blind to the lives of people around me. Last week I was in Chile, enjoying an ordinary day in the life of … More An Ordinary Day


Yesterday the Church celebrated the conversion of St. Paul. His conversion story is told in the Acts of the Apostles, chapter 22, verses 3 to 16. Paul’s life changed radically after his encounter with Jesus. He was told to go and to preach, to heal and to instruct, but first, he had to be healed … More Conversion