Thanksgiving 2020

I am grateful that my family in Florida and Montana are all well. We celebrated Thanksgiving in our respective homes yesterday, and will Zoom together this evening for a virtual Thanksgiving. I texted these images to them throughout the day yesterday. In addition to family and friends, here are a few reasons for which I … More Thanksgiving 2020

Fall Reading

You would think that I would be reading a whole lot more, given that I have so much discretionary time! I want to share what’s on tap for me in the next few weeks. I have started all but one of the books, and am close to finishing the first one! Hunger for Hope: Prophetic … More Fall Reading

Taking a Break

“What makes me laugh?” “What brings me joy?” I asked myself these questions this morning and realized that while I could easily answer the second question, it was more difficult with the first. Moreover, I could not remember that last time that I laughed — really laughed. So, dear readers, I am taking a break … More Taking a Break

In Every Age

Fill us at daybreak with your kindness, that we may shout for joy and gladness all our days. (Psalm 90: 14) The response to the first reading in today’s liturgy is Psalm 90, a communal lament that contrasts God’s eternity with the brevity of human life. The psalm is appropriate today as a reminder that … More In Every Age

Festival of Homiletics 2020

Recent readings in ecological justice led me by a circuitous route to an online conference, sponsored by Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota. Called the Festival of Homiletics, the conference each year brings together teachers, preachers, and pastors from denominational and non-denominational churches across the country. This year’s theme is “Preaching a New Earth: Climate … More Festival of Homiletics 2020


Quantum physics is teaching us that everything that exists is interconnected and affects everything else that exists. Reality, by its very nature, is interconnectedness. (Heidi Ann Russell, Professor of Religious Studies)  


Sauntering may be my new favorite word! To saunter means “to walk leisurely with no apparent aim” or “to walk along in a slow and relaxed manner” or I suppose, as in the image, “to float along with the current.” I have been sauntering for most of the summer. Now that our fall programs have … More Sauntering