My Favorites in 2018

Reading Corner (2017)

Theology and Spirituality

Boff, Leonardo. Church, Charism, and Power: Liberation Theology and the Institutional Church. London: SCM Press, 1985.

Delio, Ilia. The Unbearable Wholeness of Being: God, Evolution, and the Power of Love. Maryknoll, New York: Orbis Books, 2013.

Earle, Mary C. The Desert Mothers: Spiritual Practices from the Women of the Wilderness. New York: Morehouse Publishing, 2007.

Gustavo Gutierrez: Spiritual Writings. Selected with an introduction by Daniel Groody. Maryknoll, New York: Orbis Books, 2011.

Haught, John F. The New Cosmic Story: Inside Our Awakening Universe. New Haven, Connecticut: Yale University Press, 2017.

Lasalle-Klein, Robert, ed. Jesus of Galilee: Contextual Christology for the 21st Century. Maryknoll, New York: Orbis Books, 2011.

Olson, Edwin E. And God Created Wholeness: A Spirituality of Catholicity. Maryknoll, New York: Orbis Books, 2018.

Pope Francis. Rejoice and Be Glad: On the Call to Holiness in Today’s World. An Apostolic Exhortation. Washington, DC: USCCB, April 2018.

Russell, Heidi. The Source of All Love: Catholicity and the Trinity. Catholicity Series. Maryknoll, New York: Orbis Books, 2017.

Virgilio Elizondo: Spiritual Writings. Selected with an introduction by Timothy Matovina. Maryknoll, New York: Orbis Books, 2010.

Memoirs and Biographies

Bowler, Kate. Everything Happens for a Reason: And Other Lies I’ve Loved. New York: Random House, 2018.

Lee, Michael E. Revolutionary Saint: The Theological Legacy of Oscar Romero. Maryknoll, New York: Orbis Books, 2018.

McNamara, Eileen. Eunice: The Kennedy Who Changed the World. New York: Simon and Schuster, 2018.

Rosenberg, Rosalind. Jane Crow: The Life of Pauli Murray. New York: Oxford University Press, 2017.


Boyle, Gregory. Barking to the Choir: The Power of Radical Kinship. New York: Simon and Shuster, 2017.

Hyman, MD, Mark. Food: What the Heck Should I Eat? New York: Little, Brown and Co., 2018.


Correa, Armando Lucas. The German Girl. New York: Atria, 2016.

Kline, Christina Baker. A Piece of the World. New York: William Morrow, 2017.

Krivak, Andrew. The Signal Flame. New York: Scribner, 2017.

McDermott, Alice. The Ninth Hour. New York: Farrar, Strauss and Giroux, 2017.

Ng, Celeste. Little Fires Everywhere. New York: Penguin Press, 2017.

Children’s Books

Clinton, Chelsea, and Illustrator Alexandra Boiger. She Persisted: Around the World. New York: Philomel Books, 2018.


PBS Series

Call the Midwife

Death in Paradise


The Great British Baking Show

The Unforgotten