Mission of Love

God engages each of us personally, knows our efforts and failings, laughs and cries with us, and sends us forth to play our unique part in his mission of love. (Carolyn Woo, former CEO of Catholic Relief Services)


French philosopher Simone Weil invites us to inhabit a space in which we live between the tasks of practicing genuine attention to what is, and noting our longing for a set of goods for ourselves and our neighbors that might not right now be within our reach — whose vision might not yet be fully … More Longing

Magnolia Morning

Unlike their northern cousins, Southern Magnolias keep their leaves year round, and their blossoms are pure white. The trees are now in bloom in my neighborhood. The images will be part of my “At Home in 2020” collection!

Ethical Eating

I first learned about Lisa Graham McMinn’s book from Mary E. McGann, whose book I discussed in previous posts. McMinn’s book is To the Table: A Spirituality of Food, Farming, and Community (Brazos Press, 2015). Rather than try to summarize the book – because I recommend that you read it for yourself – I will … More Ethical Eating

Forty Days at Home

Today marks forty days that I have been staying at home. It reminds me that the number 40 is significant in the Bible. It refers to “a very large and indeterminate number”. Noah experienced rain for 40 days and 40 nights; the Israelites wandered in the wilderness for    40 years; Jesus spent 40 days in … More Forty Days at Home

New Life at Easter

Although we are not straying far from home this year, it’s possible to see signs of new life right in our own neighborhoods. Now that we are still, we can see and appreciate signs of life that we might have missed before. Wishing you Easter peace and joy, and an appreciation of what truly matters. … More New Life at Easter

Good Friday

If we do not see our Incarnate God suffering and dying today all over the world, what have we been observing on Good Friday for all the past years? We who have faith know there will be Resurrection, but maybe not in three days. Pray for the patience to wait in stillness and hope throughout … More Good Friday