God’s Creation

God’s creation sings in the ordinary experience of every day, each part of creation a voice in the chorus of worship of our Creator. (Michael Peterson, OSB, musician and chaplain, College of St. Benedict)


If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is “thank you”, it will be enough. (German philosopher Meister Eckhart, d. 1328) A little more than a month ago, I read an Advent reflection of Mary deTurris Poust in which she highlighted the importance of daily expressions of gratitude. She suggested writing three … More Gratitude

January 2021

Being still is not necessarily ceasing all activity; it is ceasing to play God by controlling every aspect of life. (Ilia Delio, OSF)

Merry Christmas!

As you celebrate Christmastide with your family, you may want to reflect on one or more of these questions: Q. When has the birth of a child brought joy and gladness to you or those you love? (Luke 1:14) Q. Joseph and Mary had to travel to Joseph’s ancestral home for a census. If you … More Merry Christmas!

Getting Ready for Christmas

Decorations, check! Baking, check! Shopping, check! Christmas cards in the mail, check! Gifts sent, check! Now, all I need is ice skating and a snowball fight and I can star in my own Hallmark movie! Seriously, now I can concentrate on waiting in stillness for the Joy and Peace of Christmas.