Blessed Stanley Rother and the People of Guatemala

On September 23, 2017, the Church will celebrate the beatification of Stanley Rother, a priest who was murdered in 1981 in Guatemala. Beatification is a declaration by the Pope that one of the deceased faithful lived a holy life and/or died a martyr’s death and is now dwelling in heaven. Beatified persons are called “Blessed.” … More Blessed Stanley Rother and the People of Guatemala

Books with Impact

Recently, a friend in my book club forwarded an article about the impact that specific books had had on the life of the author. The article prompted me to make my own list. I will name only a few from my past because I really want to focus on the book that I just finished. … More Books with Impact


I have been exchanging emails with a good friend who is suffering through a difficult time just now. In her most recent email, she thanked me and said she felt “accompanied.” Her statement touched upon a concept that I learned only in the last few years: accompaniment. Merriam-Webster defines accompaniment as: 1) (music) an instrumental … More Accompaniment