Keeping Vigil

For three days now, we have been keeping vigil and telling our shared story of the Resurrection, a vigil that will culminate tonight in the great feast of Easter. Our family recently experienced a vigil of our own. My 3-month-old grandniece suddenly spiked a fever and had to be admitted to the hospital with an … More Keeping Vigil

Coming Alive

Holy Saturday is a kind of “in-between” day – after the emotional highs and lows of Holy Thursday and Good Friday and before the not-yet joyful celebrations of Easter. Sometimes, the uneasiness of the day is almost palpable. Truth is, I have been experiencing this “in-the-tomb” feeling for a few weeks now. Not in pain, … More Coming Alive

Roll Away the Stone

Easter is a season of new life. There is a reason Christians celebrate Easter in the springtime, the season of new plant and animal life. For there to be “new life,” there must be a death that precedes it. Like the tulip, unless the flower dies and the nourishment recedes into the bulb, there can … More Roll Away the Stone