Taking a Break

“What makes me laugh?” “What brings me joy?” I asked myself these questions this morning and realized that while I could easily answer the second question, it was more difficult with the first. Moreover, I could not remember that last time that I laughed — really laughed. So, dear readers, I am taking a break … More Taking a Break

Extravagant Joy

We are called to give joy extravagantly, even to the point of impracticality. . . We simply offer what we can and are delighted in the new life that grows, even if it is incomplete or imperfect. (Michelle Francl-Donnay, chemistry professor and spiritual writer)

My Joy Is Returning

My joy is returning! In one morning, I browsed the shelves of the public library, wandered around a favorite bookstore until I found four books I just had to have, bought local fresh produce at the downtown farmers’ market, “traveled the world” in our local fair-trade craft store, and enjoyed a tall-decaf-skinny-chestnut-praline latte. So many … More My Joy Is Returning