Learning to Pivot

I just completed a three-day online conference sponsored by Faith+Lead of Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota. It was an amazing and inspiring interactive learning experience with more than 150 participants, representing churches from across the U.S. and Canada. The theme of the first day was “Learning to Pivot.” Church leaders talked about how they … More Learning to Pivot

It’s Not Too Late

Recently, I was invited to speak with a women’s group at a local church. I thought I would share some of my travel experiences over the years. Not a travelogue of pretty pictures, but more of a “lessons learned along the way”, albeit accompanied by some of my travel photographs. I was hoping to show … More It’s Not Too Late


Next weekend I will celebrate 9 years of living in Florida – 7½ years on this lanai. This is now my record for living in one place since I left my childhood home! Today I am finally back on the lanai in the early morning after a long hot summer. So many blessings for which … More Generosity


As I turn my calendar to August, these are the words and image I find. They urge me to think about what summer has brought so far in terms of salubrity. What is it about my days that promotes my own health and wellbeing? Too often, we fill our days with work, obligations, and endless … More Salubrity


I was first introduced to Joan Chittister’s The Gift of Years: Growing Older Gracefully (BlueBridge, 2008) about seven years ago when I first moved to Florida. I remember enjoying the reflections on aging, yet I realize now that I had read them as descriptions of my mother and other women whom I considered to be … More Dreams